To reproduce the effect of human stereoscopic vision it is necessary to combine the two images to be transmitted into one stream, one for the right eye and one for the left eye.

Currently employed systems compress two frames into one, halving the horizontal or vertical resolution of the source to the considerable detriment of image quality and in a manner incompatible with 2D TV receivers. By calling upon its technical expertise and industry experience Sisvel Technology has solved these problems with the invention of the 3D Tile Format.

This innovative technology for encoding stereoscopic images allows broadcasters to reach both 2D and 3D users without having to double the bandwidth necessary for transmission.

Sisvel Technology, in collaboration with Triaxes, has recently developed an evolution of 3D Tile Format, called 3DZ Tile Format. The 3DZ Tile Format has been developed to simplify and to improve the performance of "glasses-free" 3D televisions and may also be the key technology that reduces 3D TV costs.

Triaxes has added Z (Depth) information into 3D Tile Format, leading to the creation of 3DZ Tile Format, the first universal display-independent format, which can provide users with proper video playback regardless of the type of displays (common 2D, glasses 3D and glasses-free 3D).

To learn more about 3D Tile and 3DZ Tile Format please visit: www.sisveltechnology.com/3D_tile_format.asp